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Upgrading the territory

pubblicato il 10/01/2011 15:00, ultima modifica 07/06/2017 15:45

Parma Chamber of Commerce has promoted over the last years the creation of structures and infrastrucrutres aimed at modernizing and upgrading the territory.

They have all been conceived and created starting from needs and requests of the economic associations and in cooperation with the main public local institutions.


BMTIBorsa Merci Telematica Italiana (BMTI) the consortium managing the regulated market for agricultural, food, and fish products. BMTI's on-line negotiating platform provides a remote-access virtual daily exchange for agricultural products. BMTI also manages the Prices Area, the only nationwide Chambers of Commerce prices archive.


AlmaAlma – la Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana: the world’s leading international educational and training centre for Italian Cuisine. ALMA educates chefs and sommelier from all around the world, forming professionals of Italian Cuisine with training programs at the highest level, executed by world’s leading teachers


SogeapSO.GE..A.P.: the company managing Parma international airport . The Chamber was one of the leading actors of the  project which lead to the opening of the Parma airport in 1991. Noow Parma airport is a consolidated realty looking for fostering its services and enlarging the range of the flight connections in Italy and in Europe.

Parma alimentare


Parma alimentare: established in 1976, its mission is to disseminate and promote information on food/agricultural traditions and the high quality guaranteed by the excellent production standards of companies in Parma, at a worldwide level. Every year Parma alimentare arranges a series of promotional iniziatives in many countries. The website offers updated information and a significant overview of the main parma typical and quality food products.



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