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Supporting the local economy

pubblicato il 08/01/2011 22:02, ultima modifica 31/05/2013 14:55

Promuovere le impreseAmong the main tasks of the Chamber of Commerce there is the task of supporting the economic development of the province.

To this end, the Chamber of Commerce of Parma offers to all local enterprises a series of promotional services aimed at enhancing their competitiveness and at ensuring the sustainability of their economic development.

The main goal pursued is to underline the role of the Chamber as institution of enterprises and for enterprises. The Chamber is intended to be, at the same time, a point of reference for local enterprises and an institution offering concrete tools to support projects and investments.

The activities in question consist mainly in giving subsidies, helping to create and develop business activities, to update or restructure businesses, or providing for services in the agricultural and environmental domains.

Main fields of activity:

• Subsidies to enterprises
• Subsidies to promotional activities
• Access to credit
• New Enterprises Desk
• Technological Innovation
• Women Entrepreneurship
• Environment
• Agriculture and wines


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