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Promoting trade and business with foreign countries

pubblicato il 08/01/2011 22:01, ultima modifica 31/05/2013 14:54

Globo con frecciaThe Chambers activities range from issuing the certifications that come along exported goods to granting subsidies to the enterprises in order for them to take part in fairs and exhibitions abroad, or implementing projects of international relevance.

The office in charge of foreign trade promotion also provides for basic information about the main features of international trade, thanks to its connections with other foreign institutions.

The initiatives proposed by the Chamber of Commerce of Parma, which are always concerted with local professional associations, are part of the programmes and activities framework implemented at national level by entities such as the Ministry of Economic Development, the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, the Chambers national network, the Chambers regional network, local political authorities.

Programmes and initiatives are mainly carried out in partnership with Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad. They are 74 present in 49 countries with 140 offices and over 24.000 member companies, 70% of them are local firms interested in different forms of mutual exchange with Italy.

If you come from one of the 49 countries hosting an Italian Chamber of Commerrce, contact them to understand if there are projects involving Parma going on or simply to get more information about business opportunities in our territory.

Go to the website of Assocamerestero, the association of the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad.


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