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Parma and its Chamber of Commerce

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Parma mappaAbout Parma

Parma is located in Emilia Romagna, Italy, approximately 90 km northwest of Bologna, 110 km southeast of Milan (Lombardia)

How to get to Parma

The city of Parma has been a capital, although small, for centuries. This is still very evident in the fine look of the city itself, and in the quality of life of its inhabitants. The province of Parma is a dynamic and productive area, deservedly called “Food Valley”...

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The province of Parma is an area characterized by advanced development, high living standards of its residents, a good employment rate and a low unemployment rate.  The entrepreneurial density is eleven companies every 100 residents.....

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Logo Camera ParmaAbout Parma Chamber of Commerce

Parma Chamber of Commerce, like all the Italian Chambers, is a public institution that carries out activities of common interest for the enterprises and their development within the local economy (the definition has been taken from the Italian law concerning the Chambers system – N.580/63).

The Chambers of Commerce are independent institutions, since each Chamber has its own statute and its own plans of action that it implements depending exclusively on its own resources.

The activities the Chamber of Commerce carries out are the following:

The Italian Chambers of Commerce globally taken constitute the Chambers network. Thanks to this network structure, each Chamber of Commerce in Italy has access to information and data concerning any other national Chamber in real time.

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The Chambers network



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