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Market Regulation

pubblicato il 08/01/2011 22:11, ultima modifica 08/01/2011 22:11

immagine mercatoThe Chamber of Commerce is charged with the task of supervising and helping to regulate the market. The Chamber does so in various ways. It promotes a rules-based approach, transparency, conciliation procedures of disputes, safety controls on the products put on the market and, more generally, encourages the fair behaviour of market actors. 

The Chamber of Commerce of Parma offers the following services:

• Commodity Market (Borsa Merci di Parma)
• Brands and patents
• Debt protests
• Legal metrology office
• Tachograph cards
• Prize competitions and prize-awarding initiatives
• Arbitration and conciliation
• Real estate market
• Book of the customs and habits existing in the economic sectors of the province of Parma
• Real estate prices
• Contracts
• Inspection activities
• Warehouses management and checking


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Note Legali

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